Community Development | Codes and Ordinances

The Town adopted its Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 27 of the Municipal Code) in 1990, which is on file at Town Hall along with the offical Zoning Map. If the strict interpretation of the Zoning Code creates a hardship, a property owner may request that the Zoning Board of Appeals grant a variance.

You can find a copy of the entire Municipal Code on our website as posted by the Town Clerk.


Accessory Buildings document-pdf.png
Address Numbers document-pdf.png
Driveways and Culverts document-pdf.png
Fences and Hedges document-pdf.png
Home Occupations document-pdf.png
Junked Vehicles document-pdf.png
Outdoor Service / Beer Gardens document-pdf.png
Property Maintenance document-pdf.png
Planned Unit Development document-pdf.png
Swimming Pools document-pdf.png



The Town of Grand Chute enforces many ordinances with Police Officers, Building Inspectors, and Code Enforcement Officers. The Code Enforcement Officer will typically enforce the nuisance, signage, home occupation, and junked vehicle sections of the Town Code using the following process:

1. Town records complaint.

2. The Code Enforcement Officer investigates the complaint.

3. If there is a violation, the Code Enforcement Officer contacts the owner of the violation, their responsibility to correct the violations, and a date to complete. If the Code Enforcement Officer cannot contact the owner, the Code Enforcement Officer will send the owner a written "Notice of Violation" with information regarding the violation, their responsibility to correct the violations, and a date to complete.

4. The Code Enforcement Officer revisits the site to check on compliance.

5. If the violation is not corrected, the Code Enforcement Officer forwards the violation to the Police Department.

6. A Police Officer issues citations to the owner until the violation is corrected. This can result in fines of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

7. The Town Attorney may also prosecute the owner, which may result in a trial before the Outagamie County Circuit Court.