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The Town provides weekly refuse and bi-weekly recycling pickup through a contract with Advance Disposal. Yard Waste Recycling is provided through a partnership with the City of Appleton, while Household Hazardous Waste is handled by Outagamie County.



North and South of Capital Dr. from Richmond St. (Hwy 47) to Bluemound (except Lynndale Dr. (Cty A) this is part of Tuesdays Route).

Capital Dr. North from Bluemound to Hwy 41


Northland (Cty OO)from Lynndale Dr. (Cty A) to Abendroth.

Bluemound West between Northland (Cty OO) and Capital Dr.

Northland (Cty OO) North of Hwy 41 from Mayflower to West of CN railroad tracks.

Lynndale Dr. (Cty A) from Northland (Cty OO) to Broadway.


All areas East of CN railroad tracks, and North of Hwy 41 (includes Potato Point area).

Northland (Cty OO) from Oneida to Richmond St. (Hwy 47) up to Hwy 41


Between Northland (Cty OO) and Wisconsin Ave (STH 96) west of CN railroad tracks to Mayflower.

West Spencer St. from Casaloma to Mayflower, North to Wisconsin Ave (STH 96).

W. Cedar Crest Ct, Serenity Ct., and Natures Lane


South of Wisconsin Avenue (except Potato Point area) from Casaloma to S. Whitman Ave

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All single-family, 2, 3 and 4-family households are required to participate in the automated collection program. Properties are issued a refuse and a recycling cart that must be used for your weekly trash pickup and bi-weekly recycling pickup. Automated collection trucks are equipped with specially designed arms that grasp, lift and empty the Town-issued refuse or recycling carts.  Trash or recyclables outside of the automated container will not be collected.

Participation in Automated Refuse/Recycling Collection is mandatory - and easy as  1- 2 - 3:

1: Fill your automated container with only household trash or recyclables. Please bag your trash before placing in the container to reduce litter, keep container clean and prevent spilling.  Recyclables do not need to be sorted and should not be bagged within the cart.  To ensure collection, containers filled with trash may not exceed the weight limits marked on the lids.

2: Close lid, grasp container handles firmly with both hands and wheel the cart to the curb or point of collection on your collection day.  Your containers may not be collected if placed out after 6 a.m. on your collection day.

3: Set your automated cart at the curbside or point of collection, wheels and handle facing your home.  Make sure your containers are at least 5 feet from any other containers, parked cars, mailboxes, fences, trees, away from over-head wires or any other structures so that the automated collection truck can pick up your containers. After collection, remove your containers from the street by 6 p.m.

Automated Refuse and Recycling: Cart Order Form document-pdf.png

Automated Refuse and Recycling: Frequently Asked Questions document-pdf.png


The Town will not collect auto parts, collect chemicals, construction materials, dirt, electronics, hazardous waste, hot ashes or coals, paint, motor oil, or rocks.

State law prohibits residents from disposing aluminum cans, appliances, CD players, cell phones, computers (along with mice, keyboards, monitors, and other accessories), corrugated cardboard, DVD players, fax machines, glass bottles and jars, lead acid batteries, magazines, motor oil, newspapers, office paper, plastic containers, printers, steel (tin) cans, televisions, tires, VCR's, and yard waste into their regular refuse.

Please call Advance Disposal at 1-800-279-1930 to arrange pickup for bulky items. The Bulky collection schedule is every other Wednesday of each month starting January 15th.  Collection fees are as follows:

Mattresses/box springs $15
Car tire with rim $13.50
Car Tire without rim $12.50
Truck Tire, without > 18" diameter $25
Truck Tire, with rim > 18" diameter $30
Additional refuse, per cubic yard $12.50
Construction & Demolition Waste, per cubic yard $13.50
White Goods with refrigerants $50
White Goods without refrigerants $20
Microwave Ovens $10


The Town of Grand Chute does not collect leaves or yard waste (placing them in the roadway is in violation of ordinance number 16.05). You may take materials to City of Appleton drop-off sites:

Municipal Services Building
2625 E. Glendale Ave. [920-832-5588]

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

North of Valley Transit
701 S. Whitman Ave. [920-832-5589]

April - November
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

BOTH SITES ARE CLOSED TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY. Please check the City of Appleton website for the most up-to-date information.

Both sites accept grass clippings, brush, yard waste, and motor oil. There are two brush piles at the sites, one for brush 4" or less, and another for brush larger than 4" in diameter. Both sites have chipped mulching material available to residents at no cost. Site attendants are available for questions.


The chipping process will be for May & June; September & October. No collection for July & August.

If your refuse collection day is… Your brush collection will take place on …
Monday the first Tuesday of the month
Tuesday & Wednesday the second Tuesday of the month
Thursday the third Tuesday of the month
Friday the fourth Tuesday of the month

Please have tree branches and brush out by 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

In the event that Town crews cannot complete the collection route on Tuesday, brush pick-up will continue that week until the route is completed.

General rules:

  • You are limited to 480 cubic feet per pick-up, which is roughly equivalent to a pile four (4) feet high by ten (10) feet long by twelve (12) feet deep.
  • Stack brush neatly along the shoulder or curb of street, with cut ends facing the street
  • Brush cannot be shorter than three (3) feet in length
  • Branches must be less than twelve inches (12") in diameter
  • Branches cannot exceed seventy-five (75) pounds
  • Root balls, stumps,  and construction material are prohibited.
  • Professional service providers must remove their own materials

If you miss the scheduled pick-up, you may take it to the Outagamie County Landfill or City of Appleton yard waste facilities.


For Recyclables, Recycling of other materials (such as batteries or e-recycling), and "Disposal and Recycling Regulations"
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